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Rock Your Gray Or Make It Go Away?

Gentlemen, if you’re not feeling the groove of the silver fox trot, you can reverse father time with this 5 minute solution.

To Clooney or Not to Clooney?

Yes, George Clooney could very well be the poster child, or man, for turning gray gracefully. I’m not alone when I say he rocks it, in a word, distinguished. But when does the gray pass a point of looking sexy and distinguished and simply leave you feeling old?

Introducing… Aveda’s 5-Minute Gray Blending.

It’s In Your Cells, Like It or Not.

For the discerning man who appreciates a level of attention and understanding when it comes to their personal grooming, from the cut to the shave, what you put on your body as well as in your body, MSS guests are getting noticed.

Whether your look is classic, trendy, or sophisticated, ML is your one stop shop both in salon and virtually to keep you looking and feeling your best.