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A Man’s Drink of Choice and His Facial Hair

From clean-cut to unkempt, your facial hair says a lot about you. But can a man’s drink of choice predict or even determine his facial hair style?

Find the perfect pairing for your face. Look for your favorite drink below and discover which style best complements your beverage.

Beer | Studly Stubble

Your 5 o’clock shadow goes with a cold one like malt goes with hops. You find your two day stubble is the right combination of low maintenance and rugged. Stubble Balm, courtesy of The Art of Shaving, softens stubble so you can sip even smoother.

Old Fashioned | Boxed Beard

Strong and sophisticated, the boxed beard complements your Old Fashioned with a sense of neatly-trimmed zest. While maintenance is key to this facial hair style, you can keep your jaw line square as a sugar cube with the right trimmer.

Scotch Whiskey | Chiseled Chops

Whether it’s Wolverine or Elvis Presley, mutton chops and a scotch on the rocks make this a manly move. You’re not afraid of rebellion. You demonstrate the art of grooming from your chin to the upper part of your ‘stache like a smokey bottle of Bowmore.

Martini | Groomed Goatee

Think Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, aka RDJ. Often referred to as the anchor beard, this face-framing aesthetic is achieved through precise trimming to strengthen your jawline like the crisp, cunning character of your cocktail.

Whiskey Sour | Clean Cut

Your preference here emphasizes the silky smooth nature of your face. A blend of whiskey and lemon juice pairs traditionally well with your clean-cut look. Perhaps all you’re missing is this bourbon-scented collection from The Art of Shaving.
Did We Miss Your Drink?

Leave a comment with your drink of choice below and we’ll serve up a perfectly-paired look for your go-to libation. Until next time, drink and shave responsibly!

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