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True or False: Are You Manlier With A Beard?

Are Your Manlier With A Beard

If you find your face to be relegated by the idiom, ‘smooth as a baby’s bottom’ – hair up! It’s time we explored the madness behind your manly mane.

Ready, Set, Grow!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the wonderful work the Movember organization does to help men by raising awareness and providing resources for both Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, as well as Testicular and Prostate Cancer.

Now may be your green light to test drive a copious amount of facial hair – or keep it simple with a ‘stache. Nevertheless, the origin of facial hair has a history dating back centuries.

The War On Beards

During the 17th century Peter The Great traveled to Europe to learn shipbuilding and the ways of the west. Along with his learnings he decided, in order to modernize Russia, to make changes. 

Among them: to do away with his beard. 

Being the ever-progressive leader he was, Peter The Great decided this should be a universal grooming standard. He introduced this full sail change (much to the horror of his guests) by brandishing a barber razor and systematically shaving off every man’s beard!

Eventually he relaxed his policy and allowed beards, however having a beard came at a price, literally. 

So Peter The Great imposed a beard tax. Yep…

If you were of modest economic standing, a.k.a. a peasant, you could keep your beard if you paid an annual tax of two kopeks. If you were a more affluent member of society you would be expected to pay 100 rubles. 

Those beard enthusiasts who paid their facial hair-duty would receive a coin indicating so. Fortunately, no such excise is being imposed today and men are growing and grooming their facial hair in a variety of ways, from full on lumber-sexual to tightly-trimmed and professional.

If Beards Could Talk

A loud and proud beard would surely proclaim, “The wearer of this beard is in fact manlier because of me!”

Well, perhaps not, because beards don’t talk. And while men are not inherently more masculine with a beard, a study of young men and women found that men with beards look more masculine and dominant.

Whether your choice to grow a beard is to make a statement for men’s health, keep your face warm, or is the lingering aftermath of a sequestered quarantine, men have many styling options.

Bearding Responsibly

You must care for your beard. After all, it’s on your face.

The hair of your beard is often much more coarse than the hair on your head. Naturally there are exceptions for men who have extremely coarse hair. Mensroom Salon owner June Juliano explains it this way:

“The face has more sebaceous glands and therefore the hair follicles are larger. This leads to thicker, coarse facial hair that needs maintaining.” 

You can maintain your beard beyond simply trimming. Mensroom Salon & Lounge is introducing Can You Handlebar, a line of beard products to condition and manage your beard or mustache.

With a variety of scents that are subtle and masculine, crisp and clean, Can You Handlebar has beard oil to moisturize your facial hair and the skin beneath it. You can manage and maintain your beard and its smell using their products.

When using beard and mustache oil or wax you will be working it through for optimal results. A dedicated brush and comb for your beard is a must.

The skin beneath your beard can be sensitive, so having a clean brush used only for your face is key.

You can wash your beard brush with a couple of drops of your shampoo to ensure it remains clean and free of buildup that can potentially irritate your skin.

WISDOM - Bright & Woodsy Beard Oil

Essences of fresh-cut lumber and zesty lemon,  this masculine beard oil from Can You Handle Bar offers a warm fragrance reminiscent of standing amid a spruce and cedar grove mid-afternoon. We use essential oils for our scents so that they will wear in subtly throughout the day.

To Beard Or Not To Beard

That is the question. 

William Shakespeare wore the Van Dyke beard. What beard shall thee wear? Will it be the sexy black-tie-scruff worn by David Beckham? Or the vicious Viking beard like Jason Momoa? 

The possibilities are endless; an incredible statement you can make with your face on the daily. 

You can literally transform your look in a matter of days or minutes. Grow it out or shave it off. It can be a radical change with virtually minimal recovery if you regret the shave! 

The average short beard takes just a couple of weeks to grow, a full beard only two to four months. 

Beards can camouflage a ruddy complexion, acne scars and even jowls for those of you who might be gaining in years. 

If women could grow a beard to hide their “parentheses” and other facial droop, the med-aesthetic industry would take a monumental hit and women would be donning beards everywhere. 

Take advantage of all the grooming goods and guides at your disposable or have fun and experiment with it, you just might reinvent yourself in 2022. 

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