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To Clooney Or Not To Clooney…

That is the question.

Yes, George Clooney could very well be the poster child, or man, for turning gray gracefully. I’m not alone when I say he rocks it, in a word, distinguished. But when does the gray pass a point of looking sexy and distinguished and simply leave you feeling old? 

You can do the Clooney or if you are not feeling the groove of the silver fox trot, you can reverse Father Time with Aveda’s 5-Minute Gray Blending.

Going gray is natural, but sometimes it’s not. Illness or vitamin deficiency can cause hair to turn gray. However, the vast majority of people with gray hair have age-related graying that is often inherited.

Because genetics does influence the majority of graying, you can look back through generations in your family to see the correlation between not only your hairline but how soon you lose your color pigment. 

It’s in your cells, like it or not.

The pigment in the cells of our hair follicles gradually die as we get older, so inevitably we see the strands of hair lose color. Essentially the decline in melanin will make the hair more transparent in color like gray, silver or white as it grows.

Research shows white people typically begin to go gray in their mid-30s while Asians in their late 30s and African Americans in their mid-40s. Basically, by the time you are 50 you can expect to see a significant number of your peers sporting gray hair. Buckle up, it’s happening, eventually.

A hard no to the hair blanco?

Aveda has a solution and it’s available to you at Mensroom Salon and Lounge. Gray blending is a subtle way to return you to a more youthful look that is quick and easy. The process takes about five minutes and will tone your grays to a color harkening back to yesteryear. The color washes out gradually giving you the opportunity to continue coloring or if it’s not for you, let it fade out.

There’s no shame in coloring your mane.

Many men feel much like women do. Speaking as a person who began seeing the first glimpse of gray in my 20s, I chose to color. The genetics were there, my parents were predominantly white by their 40s and I followed suit.

I hung onto my color by way of the bottle and it’s just as easy and accessible for men too. And no different than women, many men aspire to hang onto their youth as long as possible. 

The concept of youth equates to vitality, desirability, longevity and in many arenas, value. Gray hair signals aging. And while this badge of honor suggests wisdom it can also begin to signal a decline in relevancy.
Here in lies the question as to whether you want to Face it, a.k.a. minimize or eliminate it or Embrace it, and let the gray come in.

Turning back time.

The experts at MSL can turn those silver locks into rich color that is natural, shiny and healthy. The technique provides for color that doesn’t have that harsh, too deep, or heavily pigmented look. For you woodworkers out there think stain versus paint. The color has more of a translucent effect. MSL stylist Weetie explained it this way, the color takes to some hair and not to others giving you a natural look with dimension rather that a solid all over color. What MSL clients love about Aveda’s Gray Blending is there isn’t that line of demarcation when your hair grows, no obvious roots.Embracing the gray and having the right cut

Going gray isn’t anything to feel embarrassed about, you can work it to your advantage. So if you have decided to embrace your grays there are haircuts that will compliment and work with your changing color.
Gray hair is truly on trend and you can rock it with a fabulous haircut that works with your personal style while being current. 

Stylish and smart haircuts can bring an edginess or even a soft flare of sophistication to your silver locks.
The Trend Spotter has expertly pinpointed 15 fabulous haircuts that range from classic to sophisticated, sexy as well as downright dapper.

A sharper image.

My favorites were the Pompadour and the Undercut. Both are super stylish and versatile for both men in their 30s and 40s as well as men well into their 50s and older.
Insert image/pompadour
The Pompadour is a classic style that has made a comeback. It’s ideal for those with thicker hair since the look is achieved by mounding the hair at the front of the head, think Elvis Presley. This cut is kept up to date by ensuring you have ample texture to keep it from looking old fashioned, sorry Elvis but that do has left the building.

The Undercut kicks it up a notch with an edgier look. Sophisticated and frankly sexy, the Undercut oozes confidence. 

This cut features shaved sides and the back and top are left long. The versatility in this cut gives you several looks. The top can be slicked back or left to hang down. You can sport a casual, sophisticated or a decidedly disheveled look. In a word, it’s cool.

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