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Casting Call

Mensroom Salon is scouting for paid and non-paid models for photo shoots, video shoots, and other creative events. Applicants with flexible schedules will be prioritized.


Apply to be a model using the form below.


Find answers to commonly asked questions about becoming a hair and shave model at Mensroom Salon & Lounge.

Do I need experience?

No experience is necessary to apply. Based on the project or event at hand, experience may be preferred and contracts may be given to those with professional acting/modeling experience.

Are models paid?

Most photo and video shoots are paid. Depending on the nature of the role, experience level, time required, and other factors, the modeling contract can range from free products and services to gift cards and monetary compensation. 

Will I need to cut my hair?

Models may be required to cut and/or color their hair. Models willing to make drastic changes and grow their facial hair for the purposes of before and after photos/videos will be prioritized. 

What will my photos be used for?

Photo, video and voice recordings captured by agents of Mensroom Salon will be used for promotional purposes including, but not limited to: print collateral, website banners, social media ads, YouTube videos, and the like. Mensroom Salon reserves all rights to use the likeness of a model’s image and voice in any capacity outlined in the Release Form.

Do I need to have an agent?

No. Modeling opportunities are available to all members of the public, professional or otherwise, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. No agent or agency is necessary.

Do I own rights to the photos?

Mensroom Salon & Lounge reserves all rights to the images, videos and voice recordings captured at the time of event. All models are required to sign a release form.

What is it like to work on set?

Events at Mensroom Salon are always safe, productive places for our teams and models. We maintain a professional environment at all times. Please contact us at any time for details on upcoming events, casting calls, or questions.

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