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A Big Impact On Small Business

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A new approach to shopping local, your virtual gateway to support small business.

One hand washes the other

Truer words were never spoken, particularly now. As a self-proclaimed, pre-COVID germaphobe, I’m an old school soap and water fella. These days I’m fashioning up my own home grown hand sanitizer. 

This has become the most germ-conscious time in modern history, in my opinion, with sanitizer abound. That age old saying is so very après peau in so many ways, particularly as it relates to supporting each other and small businesses. 

When we support business, we support the workers who in turn feed the proverbial machine and, quite literally, feed each other. Like my mother would say, one hand washes the other!

Times they have A’change’d

Many resourceful systems have been put into play to support business, keeping our economy and all the heartbeats behind it pumping along. 

Creativity is driving the safety of the community; touch free, socially distanced, and masked-up interactions are enabling us to maintain some semblance of normalcy.

How we continue to support local business is becoming as creative as the latest haircut. It’s ironic how an industry built on artistry and service has implemented a new and innovative way to shop local in an effort to support your local salon.

Shopping small is the new shopping local

Shopping local has been an ongoing campaign forever! The pandemic has redefined how we live our lives. While we work to stay safe we also long for something that resembles “normal life”. 

It certainly isn’t lost on anyone how this pandemic has impacted small business. The efforts everyone has made to continue to support local business has been beyond heartwarming. The team at Mensroom Salon, as well as Acapello Salons, have is overwhelmed by the support of their guests. 

“Guest safety and their confidence is paramount,” says owner June Juliano, “we have followed guidelines to ensure our guests and team remain safe and feel comfortable coming into the salon.”

June went on to tell me that the introduction of the direct link SHOPSMALL opportunity through Aveda has enabled Mensroom Salon and its sister company to provide an alternative to shopping in salon while maintaining a portion of the income. 

“While the margins are significantly less, we are grateful to maintain some of our retail revenue as these last several months have been a challenge for all businesses, large and small alike”.

The SHOPSMALL campaign is one way to support shopping local without leaving home – helping members of the community to practice whatever social distancing measures feel right for you.

The marketing team at Mensroom Salon explained it as a dedicated gateway created by Aveda that enables guests to shop for their products and still support their local salon. 

Losing your Pandemic Makeover

It was never a good look in the first place. 

In whatever way you may have slacked off on your personal grooming, now might be the time to reclaim your mojo and get a fresh haircut, beard trim or shave and stock up on your favorite grooming products. Let’s hope shampoo doesn’t become the toilet paper of 2021!

The last eight months feels like eight years. 24/7 sweatpants and yoga gear, if it hasn’t already, is going to impact us mentally. Personal wellness is an all-encompassing state of being. Getting yourself put-together is a huge part of feeling your best. 

Whether it’s your favorite Aveda, Art of Shaving or Can You Handlebar products, Mensroom Salon is ensuring you have access to your products safely.

You still need your stuff pan-damn-it!

Keeping up your personal grooming and using your favorite products is simple and safe. Aveda, The Art of Shaving and Can You Handlebar are now readily available for curbside pickup. 

You can continue to look fabulous, feel fabulous and move forward into the holiday season looking more like yourself and less like a yeti. And if you aren’t in need of a Pandemic Makeover, maybe you’re shopping for someone else or dropping hints for your own yule tide cheer. Tis the season to be shopping for all things hairstyling and more and you can do it from the comfort and safety of your pajama pants.

Cyber whenever!

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, no matter the color of the day or the virtual nature of your shopping, see what I did there, Mensroom Salon & Lounge wants you to feel safe – and be safe! It’s that time of year and whether you are shopping for friends, family or yourself, it’s got to get done!

Start holiday shopping now, beat the virtual rush, is that even a thing? And get your holiday shopping out of the way and spare yourself one more thing to stress about.

Wrap it up with an attitude of gratitude

One of the consistent themes I’ve heard from the entire team at Mensroom is the gratitude they feel for their guests continuing to support their business. Drilling it down beyond the brick and mortar you have individuals whose livelihood is dependent on the service as well as the retail traffic. 

Team members at Mensroom Salon, as well as Acapello Salons, shared how excited they are to usher in the New Year and not just to say so long to 2020 but to continue to support their local community. 

“We shop local too,” said team member Dee, “we buy lunch, shop in the Old Port Exchange, and support local business all the same”. 

The entire team is grateful to be working and servicing their guests – all of which continues to build on their training and education. 

“Retail is one of the building blocks for funding ongoing education and training for our stylists,” June explained, “It isn’t about simply selling product, it’s about making sure our guests have the products they need and in doing so they get stylists who continue to learn, train and build their skills so guests get the most talented stylist”. 

The training provided to the staff at Mensroom Salon is literally boosted as they boost their retail volume. 

“We get more prominent and skilled educators the better we perform with retail, it’s so exciting to have some of the most cutting edge trainers and educators teach us, it’s awesome! We love what we do, we love who we do it for, and we will continue to strive to be the best.”

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